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MillionAir™ BP Battery Air Pump
  • High Quality Battery Operated Air Pump With On/Off Button
  • Oxygenates Water During Transporting
    Fish and Power Outages
  • Portable Multipurpose Aeration Device
  • Airstone and Air Tubing Included
  • Model
  • Installation
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BP Battery Air pump




Part List:
• Airline tubing (20in.)
• Airstone
• 2 D batteries (not included)

Caution: Install the air pump above the aquarium
1. Open back cover & install 2 D batteries.
2. Attach a short piece of airline tubing to the air pump.
3. Attach airstone & secure it below the surface of the water.
4. Switch the unit ON.

 MillionAir™ BP Battery Air Pump
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