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PRO Marine Reef Salt
New & Improved
  • Phosphate and nitrate free
  • Enhanced with additional calcium, magnesium, and strontium
  • For thriving reef/marine environments
  • Contains all essential vital trace elements
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New Professional Grade!
Oceanpure™ PRO Marine Reef Salt is an advanced formula, enriched with calcium, magnesium and strontium. It offers an important benefit over natural sea salt by allowing greater control over water quality and helping to combat unwanted bacteria, nitrate, phosphate and other unwanted metal
build-up. Use Oceanpure™ PRO Marine Reef Salt to achieve proper pH, calcium, magnesium and strontium levels and promote healthy coral reef growth and color.

  Item No. Description Master Pack Qty.Per Pallet Weight Approx.
Per Case, Per Palle
OPP-25 25 gal. mix/bag Case Dimension:
16" x 12" x 7.5"
6 63 cases 42 lb/case
2796 lb/pallet
2830 0
OPP-50 50 gal. mix/bag Case Dimension:
23.5" x 12.75" x 4.75"
3 60 cases 42 lb/case
2670 lb/pallet
2831 7
OPP-150 150 gal. mix/bucket Case Dimension:
12" x 15"
1 45 buckets + 12 boxes of 50 gal. 42 lb/case
2670 lb/pallet
2832 4
OPP-200 200 gal. mix/box
(4 x 50 gal. bag) Case Dimension:
16" x 14" x 8 "
1 45 cases 56 lb/case
2670 lb/pallet
2833 1
 Special Order  Institutional size available - 1 ton bulk pack
  1. Ideally, replace 10 - 20% of your aquarium water weekly, or biweekly with non-chlorinated, aerated salt water.
  2. Prepare new water in a separate container. Never mix salt in an aquarium containing animals. Always use clean non-toxic utensils.
  3. Heat the mixed salt water to within 1 - 2 degrees of aquarium temperature 24 hours before using.
  4. If your marine aquarium requires more than 50% water change at any time, be sure to
    prepare the water 24 hours before using. Mix water to your desired specific gravity
    to 1.020-1.026.
  5. To reduce undesirable mineral levels, it is highly recommended to use deionized or
    reverse osmosis water to prepare your salt water.
  6. When using dionized water, test for low pH and adjust it with buffer if needed.
  7. Guidelines for making saltwater at the recommended salinity of 1.024, use approximately 4.5 oz. for 1 gallon of water at 72F.
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