Oceanpure™ Marine Salt
Helios® Lighting
Replacement Parts
 T6 Lighting
T6 SuperLux Universal Replacement Bulb
High power factor and high lumens output. The complete light fixture is made to be dispose once the bulb is exhausted.
T6 Parabolic Reflector
Polished aluminum reflector with bulb clips for T6 lights.
T6 SuperLux Adaptor Bushing
Adapts T-6 bulbs to fit in three piece endcaps.
T6 End-caps and Bushings
High temperature moisture resistant end-caps use to wired to any T6 ballast.
Silicon Retainer Band
Use for VHO T6 PL Lights.
T-Joint Brackets
Use for VHO T6 Power Compact to connects two fixtures together.
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