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UTC Modular Canister Filter
Viaaqua® professional Canister filters are designed to be one of the most efficient water filtration systems on the market. UTC model come equipped with a priming plunger that aids in initial start up. UTC-UV model come equipped with a Terminator™ UV sterilizer that will aid in disease control and in keeping water clear efficiently and reliably.
In Sump Skimmer 2™ w/ needle wheel impeller
ViaAqua® Canister filtering system is made of the highest quality parts and materials ensuring a quiet, energy efficient, powerful and user-friendly unit.
In Sump Skimmer™
The ViaAqua® In-Sump™ Skimmer is a complete ready to run protein skimmer for saltwater aquariums or reef environments.
Multi-Skimmer II™

A versatile hang-on the back filtration system on the market. The filter is equipped with a venturi protein skimmer and mechanical filter cartridge. Made with an extra filtering chamber that can be used for extra biological media or Terminator™ UV sterilizer that aids in disease control and water clarity.

VITALife™ Hang-On Back Power Filter

Vitalife™ Hang-On Back power filter is equipped with a mechanical filter, chemical carbon filter and large biological filter. These are user friendly and include an easy to change filter cartridge for easy filter maintenance.

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