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Helios® Lighting
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 Pond supplies
Pressure Pond Filter
ViaAqua® Terminator™ UV Sterilizer features a PL bulb. The sterilizer uses quartz sleeve to maintain the bulb temperature, thus allowing 95% of the UVC radiation to sterilize the water.
Multi-Duty Pond Pump
Fully submersible high flow rate pond and fountain pump has the power to operate multiple applications. Units come with an encapsulating rigid external filter strainer and a directional vortex rotor. Fountain heads and water diverting valve are included.
Pond Pump
A complete and compact pond and fountain pump, includes an encapsulating rigid external filter strainer and comes with fountains heads. It is user friendly and easy to install.
Fountain Head

ViaAqua® Fountain Head is a complete kit for ViaAqua® water pumps, pond pumps and powerheads.

Pond Filter Brush

Designed as a pre-filter for removing coarse waste and/or as a biological filter medium. Durable and long lasting with built in hanger.

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