Oceanpure™ Marine Salt
Helios® Lighting
Replacement Parts
 ViaAqua Replacement parts
Filter Cartridges
The ViaAqua® replacement cartridge is biologocal and mehanical in one.
Replacement Fluorescent Bulb
For ViaAqua® Aquarium kits use only.

Replacement Light Hood

Complete elevated PL Light hood for ViaAqua® Aquarium (upgrade or add-ons).
Aquarium Replacement Pump
Replacement pumps for all ViaAqua® aquarium kits.
Replacement Impeller
Impeller for ViaAqua® water pumps and powerheads.
Replacement Sponges
Sponges for the ViaAqua® power filters, Hydrant pumps, Acro-Cal Calcium reactor and Poly-Reactor Multi-media reactor.
Replacement UV Bulb
UV replacement bulb.
Replacement Ballast
Ballast for Helios® PL Lighting System.
Bubble Counter
Replacement bubble counter for Acro-Cal™ Calcium Reactor.
Replacement for Canister Filter
Parts for Canister Filter from model VA230 to VA750.
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