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T-joint Brackets
  • Use for VHO T6 Power Compact and HO T5 IV Fixtures
  • Connects two fixtures together
description size package UPC# 0069037
T-joint 10 mm 2 pcs. 29277
T-joint 30 mm 2 pcs. 29284
  1. Slide the T-joint bracket into Track A on each side of the fixtures. Avoid any angles. Both hoods must be level and placed on a flat surface.
  2. The T-joint bracket must be positioned a minimum of 4” from the end of the fixture.
  3. NOTE: To hang the hood straight, both T-joint brackets must be the same distance from the end
    of the fixture. Handle with care!

For more information, download the following booklet: HO T5 IV Fixture Instructions.

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