Oceanpure™ Marine Salt
Helios® Lighting
Replacement Parts
LED Light and Airstone (Blue & White)
Size: 6in, 12in and 18in
Color: Blue, White, Blue-White
LED Light and Airstone (Color Changing)
Size: 6in, 12in and 18in
Available in: Slow Color Changing & Fast Color Changing
Submersible Aqua Light
Compact and submersible aqua light with 5 color lenses.
Pond Filter Brush

Designed as a pre-filter for removing coarse waste and/or as a biological filter medium. Durable and long lasting with built in hanger.

Auto Feeder
Feeds fish automatically and runs of battery power.
Natural Driftwood
Uncoated sinking driftwood in a variety of sizes and shapes.
Aquarium Ornaments
Variety of aquarium ornaments.
Coral Plug
Self weighted coral propagation base that fits standard egg crate.
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