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Acro-Cal™ Calcium Reactor

ViaAqua® Acro-Cal™ Calcium Reactor offers a simple and convenient solution for maintaining calcium and alkalinity, both being the backbone to a successful thriving reef environment. The CO2 is used to lower the pH in the reaction chamber. When the pH is lowered to 6.5-6.8, the circulating water and low pH begins to break down the media creating effluent water that is saturated with carbonates and calcium that continuously drip back to the aquarium.

Poly-Reactor™ Multi-Media Reactor

ViaAqua® Poly-Reactor Multi-Media Reactor is suitable for all kind aquariums, and is primarily intended to be used with phosphate-removal media. However, it may be used with numerous available filtration media to best suit the changing needs of the aquarium.
The ViaAqua® Poly-Reactor™ may be used for carbon, nitrate removers, resins or a fluidized bed.

Bubble Counter
Replacement bubble counter for Acro-Cal™ Calcium Reactor.
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