Oceanpure™ Marine Salt
Helios® Lighting
Replacement Parts
 Aquariums and cabinets
AR Aquarium
Round corner glass aquariums that are equipped with a complete florescent light hood and filtration system.
LV Aquarium
Glass aquarium kits with a hang-on the back filter and an elevated aluminum hood with PL compact lights.
R-1 Aquarium
Large glass aquarium kits that come with three rows of lights in an aluminum hood and is powered by a complete wet/dry top filter.
UFO Aquarium
UFO Aquarium Kit with a corner bow front and equipped with a complete hood with PL lamps.
Half Moon Aquarium
The Half Moon shape aquarium equipped with a complete hood with PL lamps and biological filtration system.
Desktop Aquarium

Complete glass aquarium kit with PL low voltage compact light and hang-on the back ViaAqua® filtering system.

Cube Star Aquarium
NEW AQUARIUM KIT! Panoramic bow front tank with three versatile filtration chamber. It uses PL lamps, dual cooling fans and removal filter socks.