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MillionAir™ HP Air Pump
  • Quiet and Versatile
  • High airflow and output
  • Excellent and reliable quality
  • Low energy consumption
  • Safe and quiet operation
  • Specification
  • Model
  • Installation
The MillionAir™ HP air pump is a reliable source of delivering air for air operated items such as air stones, air curtains, air-actuated ornaments, creating water movement and aeration. The MillionAir™ HP air pump combines high performance output with quiet operation. Designed with a rheostat to control air flow and multiple outlets.


Item No Description Air Volume Control Mode Capacity UPC No. 0069037
HP-1000 Single outlet, 2.5 watt 3000 CC/M Normal 6-36 gal. 2937 6
HP-2000 Double outlet, 3.5 watt 5000 CC/M Normal 18-55 gal. 2938 3
HP-5000 Four outlets with variable
control, 5 watt
8000 CC/M High/Low 40-130 gal. 2939 0
HP-6000 Six outlets with variable
control, 5.5 watt
10,000 CC/M High/Low 90-260 gal. 2940 6

  1. For indoor use only.
  2. Do not place the air pump in the aquarium.
  3. Prevent any backflow of water from entering the air pump when the power is turned off by: a) Place or hang the MillionAir™ HP air pump above the aquarium, however the unit should not be placed where it could fall into the water. b) If the MillionAir™ HP air pump is placed below the aquarium a “check valve” is required.
  4. Connect a piece of airline tubing to the air difuser.
  5. Plug directly to a GFCI electrical outlet using a drip loop.
  6. To ensure a optimum airflow, change or clean airstone on a regular basis.
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