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  • Quartz PL UV bulb
  • Quartz Sleeve
  • Built in Water resistant ballast
  • For use indoors or outdoors
  • For use in salt and freshwater environment

The ViaAqua® Terminator™ UV Sterilizer features a quartz glass PL bulb. The sterilizer uses a quartz sleeve that will maintain the bulb temperature thus allowing 95% of the UV radiation to sterilize the water, producing more UV radiation than comparable UV units. The internal burning chamber is design for maximum contact time. As the water is redirected by the baffles in the internal burning chamber a vortex will occur. The increased contact time exposes virtually all organic, single celled algae and eradicates most harmful microorganisms to maximum UV radiation exposure.

  Item No. Wattage Max. Water Flow Pond Size Aquarium Size UPC # 0069037
UVS-9N 9 watt 500 GPH 750 gal. 100 gal. 3365 6
UVS-13N 13 watt 600 GPH 1500 gal. 200 gal. 3366 3
UVS-18N 18 watt 750 GPH 2500 gal. 300 gal. 3367 0
UVS-36N 36 watt 1250 GPH 6000 gal. 500 gal. 3368 7
Replacement UV bulbs for Terminator™ UV Sterilizer
  Item No. Wattage UPC # 0069037
UVS 9B 9 watt 2367 1
UVS 13B 13 watt 2900 0
UVS 18B 18 watt 2903 1
UVS 36B 36 watt 1510 2

1. Barbed fittings with o-ring
2. Compression nut
3. Mounting bracket
4. PL UV bulb
5. Cap and ballast

  6. Indicator light
  7. O-ring
  8. Main o-ring
  9. Bulb socket
10. Quartz Sleeve

 Terminator™ UV Sterilizer Instructions.
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