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Multi-Skimmer II™
  • Large pump with more water flow
  • Adjustable surface skimmer w/bottom pick-up
  • Simple installation and compact design
  • Adjustable/variable venturi with exclusive air/water mixing chamber
  • Adjustable collection cup
  • Built-in biological chamber
  • Ozone compatible
  • Filter cartridges with activated carbon
  • For aquarium up to 80 gallon
  • Patent pending
  • Specifications
  • Models
  • Part List
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Built-in UV Sterilizer chamber
  • Includes 5 watt compact UV Sterilizer bulb
The UV Sterilizer is a 5 watt compact PL UV bulb surrounded by a quartz sleeve for increased efficiently and is enclosed in a replaceable high-density UV resistant plastic that drops directly into the UV-Bio Chamber of the Multi-Skimmer. UV light eliminates single cell floating algae and destroys most harmful microorganism providing a clear healthy aquarium.

  Item No. Dimension Water Flow UV Bulb Capacity UPC# 0069037


12.5” L x 7” W x 16” H 200 GPH n/a up to 80 gal. 2772 3
enlarge Deluxe
12.5” L x 7” W x 16” H 200 GPH 5 watt up to 80 gal. 2773 0
  1. Primer and Silencer
  2. Variable venturi cover
  3. Variable venturi lock nut
  4. Variable venturi
  5. Main body
  6. Motor and impeller
  7. Pump cover
  8. Surface skimmer
  9. Intake tube and strainer
  10. Level Screw
  11. Leveling and secure screw
  12. Filter cartridge
  13. UV Sterilizer reaction chamber
  14. Filter cartridge cover
  15. Collection cup
  16. Water level control
  17. Ballast
  18. PL Socket
  19. Quartz sleeve
  20. PL UV bulb (5 watt)
  1. Screw set to the center of the skimmer.
  2. Place the skimmer on the back of the aquarium.
  3. Tighten the set screw to secure the skimmer onto the back of the aquarium.
  4. Assemble the surface skimmer and intake strainer.
  5. The surface skimmer needs to be adjusted so that the water level is at the middle of the slots.
  6. Remove filter cartridge.
  7. Place water in the skimmer.
  8. Verify that the flow control is all the way open.
  9. Place the priming silencer onto the top of the variable venturi intake tube. The priming silencer needs to be threaded onto the top of the variable venturi intake tube. Now rotate the cap so that the hole on the top of the silencer is turned away from the green dot.
    Option 2 for priming: Attach a 3-4 foot piece of airline tubing to the variable venturi tube and apply suction until the air is removed from the intake tube.
  10. Plug pump into a GFCI electrical outlet.
  11. Now squeeze the priming silencer until all the air is removed from the intake tube.
  12. The motor will engage and start to pump water.
  13. Once water is discharging back into the aquarium open the air to the variable venturi tube by twisting the top of the priming silencer and aligning it with the green dot.
  14. Remove filter cartridge and place in skimmer
  15. Verify that there are not any leaks
 Mulit-Skimmer II™ Instructions.

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Replacement of the UV Bulb (UV model only)
The PL UV bulb needs to be replaced every 8,000-9,000 hours for optimum performance.

  1. Unplug all aquarium devices prior to working on the Multi-skimmer and/or aquarium.
  2. Remove the black reaction chamber from the main body of the skimmer
  3. Slide the out the top of the reaction chamber
  4. Remove the quartz sleeve
  5. Unscrew the top of the quartz sleeve
  6. Clean quartz sleeve
  7. Replace the PL ultraviolet bulb. Try not to have your hands come in direct contact with the bulb use a clean cloth to handle the bulb and install the bulb
  8. To insure a good seal add a small amount of silicone lubricant to the O-ring
  9. Hand tighten and reinstall.

Filter Cartridges (every 3 - 4 weeks)

  1. Remove the filter cartridge and replace.
  2. Clean with aquarium water and place back into the filter. Do not clean with tap water as this will kill beneficial bacteria.
 Replacement filter cartridges.
   Replacement UV bulb.
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