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Pressure Pond Filter
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Complete filtering system
  • Terminator™ UVC Sterilizer (optional) for crystal clear water
  • Multiple types of bio foam filtering media for beneficial aerobic bacteria
  • Reverse flow
  • Backwash valve
  • Long lasting ceramic biological media
  • Quad-action filtration for maximum efficiency
  • Specifications
  • Models
  • Parts
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
The ViaAqua® Terminator™ UVC Sterilizer features a PL bulb. The sterilizer uses a quartz sleeve to maintain the bulb temperature, thus allowing 95% of the UVC radiation to sterilize the water. The internal burning chamber is designed for maximum contact time, which produces more UVC radiation than comparable UVC units. The increased of contact time exposes virtually all organic, single celled algae and eradicates the most harmful microoganisms.


  • Water resistant ballast
  • E-39 connections
  • Quartz sleeve
  • PL compact UVC bulb
  • Safety switch built into the cap
  • Indicator light
Regular Model
Item no. Rec.
pump size
dimension UVC ID pipe size filtering capacity Filter height UPC# 0069037
EF-3000 700-1300 GPH 15" x 14.25" n/a 1.25 in.
1.5 in.
15.5 L 14.25 in. 2952 9
EF-4000 1300-2100 GPH 15" x 18.25" 21.5 L 18.25 in. 2954 3
EF-5000 1300-3000 GPH 15" x 22.25" 27.5 L 22.25 in. 2956 7
EF-6000 1300-4000 GPH 15" x 26.25" 33.5 L 26.25 in. 2958 1
UVC Model with UV Sterilizer
Item no. Rec.
pump size
dimension UVC ID pipe size filtering capacity Filter height UPC# 0069037
EF-3000UVC 700-1300 GPH 15" x 14.25" 5 w 1.25 in.
1.5 in.
15.5 L 14.25 in. 2953 6
EF-4000UVC 1300-2100 GPH 15" x 18.25" 9 w 21.5 L 18.25 in. 2955 0
EF-5000UVC 1300-3000 GPH 15" x 22.25" 9 w 27.5 L 22.25 in. 2957 4
EF-6000UVC 1300-4000 GPH 15" x 26.25" 9 w 33.5 L 26.25 in. 2959 8
  1. Intake
  2. Ouput
  3. Backwash/sludge removal
  4. Backwash knob
  5. Terminator™ UVC Sterilizer (optional)
  6. Barbed fitting
  7. Lid retainer clamp
  8. Intake & Output tube
  9. Fine bio foam
  10. Medium bio foam
  11. Coarse bio foam
  12. Intake & output flares
  13. Ceramic bio strainer
  14. Ceramic bio chamber with media
  15. Coarse prefilter
  16. Filter body
For proper filtration, operate the pressure pond filter 24 hours a day, year round.
  1. Start the ViaAqua® pond pump.
  2. Verify that all seals and connections are not leaking.

  1. Remove the cap from the backwash/drain port.
  2. Connect a barbed fitting with a piece of tubing and secure with a hose clamp.
  3. To activate backwash, turn off the pond pump and switch the flow control knob so that the arrow points to the backwash/drain discharge port.
  4. Turn the pond pump back on.
  5. Drain the water into a sewage system or garden.

Backwashing filter should be performed at least once a week.
The filter needs to be cleaned when:
- Dirty/cloudy water is in the filter.
- Reduced water flow.

 Pressure Pond Filter Instructions.
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When backwashing, if the filter does not produce expected results, it is necessary to clean or replace foam media. This should be performed at least once a season. However, this is not a rule for pond and outdoor environments vary thus more frequent cleaning may be required.

  1. Unplug the Terminator™ UV Sterilizer and turn the pond pump off.
  2. Disconnect the barbed fitting from the filter.
  3. Flip out safety lock and remove lid retainer clamp.
  4. Remove the lid of the filter. Handle with care. The UV bulb and quartz sleeve is made of glass.
  5. Remove the intake and output flares.
  6. Remove and rinse foam pads. Replace them if necessary.
  7. Remove the bio-chamber and rinse well with pond water only. Biological media beneficial bacteria will be killed if tap water is used to rinse.
  8. Remove and rinse pre-filter foam pads. Replace them if necessary.
  9. Rinse and clean the filter body.
  10. Place the filtering media back in their original locations. Replace intake and output flares.
  11. Replace o-ring and verify that it is clean. We recommend using a small amount of silicone lubricant on the o-ring to ensure a proper seal.
  12. Secure lid with lid retainer clamp. The lid retainer clamp must be aligned so that the notches in the top of the clamp fit under the intake and discharge port.
  13. Filter is ready to use. See installation instructions.


  1. Follow all the safeguards and warnings of the manufacture.
  2. Before doing any maintenance on the UV sterilizer, the power supply and water supply must be disconnected.
  3. Only in rare situations does the quartz sleeve ever have to be removed. If necessary loosen screws carefully, then remove the quartz sleeve. If excess force is used the quartz sleeve will break. After removed, use a soft clean cloth to gently remove any excess grim and/or debris. Reassemble using a small amount of silicone lubricant placed on the o-ring prior to sliding it into the main body of the UV sterilizer.
  4. The UV bulb needs to be replaced every 8,000 to 9,000 hours. This will ensure optimum performance.
  5. The efficiency of the Terminator™ UV Sterilizer depends on the duration the UV light is in contact with water. Thus the rate of water flow, not the way the water travels, will relate to the efficiency of the UV sterilizer.
 Replacement UV bulb.
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